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Five Steps Family Caregivers Should Take to Ensure Quality Caregiving

Caregiving is not a job everyone can handle. If you and your siblings are going to offer the care your parents need, you need to make sure it’s quality care. Follow these five steps, and everyone will have an easier time.

Elder Care in Fremont CA: Ensure Quality Caregiving
Elder Care in Fremont CA: Ensure Quality Caregiving

Be Patient

Patience is important. Your parents won’t always be comfortable having to ask you for help. If you get snappy with them, they may become ashamed by having to ask.

If you’re finding yourself stressed and overwhelmed, remember it takes a lot for your parents to have to ask you. If you need them to do something and they’re not fast enough, remember they’re older and can’t work as quickly as you can. Try to put yourself in their shoes.

Know When to Back Away

From time to time, your parents may become frustrated and angry. Don’t snap back. If you can’t calmly negotiate with them, walk away for a few minutes. Find something to do in another room.

Maintain a Level of Trust and Dependability

Your parents need to trust you. If you say you’ll be there at a certain time or on a specific day, make sure you show up. If you promise to take them grocery shopping, don’t push it off to another day.

You also need to maintain a level of trust. Your parents need to know they can trust you to take care of things you said you would. If they asked you to arrange their medical appointments, don’t say you will and then forget about it.

Work as a Team

You and your siblings need to work as a team. Sit down and talk about the skills you all have and how you can best help. If your sister loves to cook, she’s probably a better choice for preparing weekly meals than a brother who orders takeout all the time because he has no interest in cooking.

One brother is great at gardening, and the other is a financial wiz. You’d know who would be best at managing your parents’ finances versus lawn care. With these different skills in mind, go through the weekly to-do list. Arrange days based on when people are free to help.

Use Caregivers to Fill in Gaps

Once you and your siblings have an idea of who can help out and on what days, you can use paid caregivers to fill in gaps. Your parents won’t ever be left alone when they’re unable to care for themselves.

Arrange Respite Care

Do you and your siblings think you have to do everything? You’re wrong. Paid caregivers can help out. Take a night off and go out to dinner or to the movies. While you’re having fun together, a senior care agency can send caregivers to stay with your mom and dad. Find out more by making a call.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering hiring Elder care in Fremont, CA, please contact the caring staff at Golden Age. Providing home care in the East Bay, South Bay & Peninsula areas through our Castro Valley and Sunnyvale Offices.

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