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Complications From Diabetes Send Many Elderly Men and Women to the ER – Could Your Dad Be Next?

The National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey says people 75 or older are twice as likely to go to the emergency room than people over the age of 45 are. Of the 26 million diabetics age 45 or older, they were seen in an ER about 12 million times during 2015.

Home Care in San Francisco Bay CA: Diabetes Tips
Home Care in San Francisco Bay CA: Diabetes Tips

Diabetes requires careful management. If your dad has diabetes, you must know the symptoms that require a trip to the ER. Blood sugar levels that are too high or too low require urgent medical attention. Skin infections are also important to look for. Urinary tract infections are another possible issue. Minor infections may be easy to treat at home, but if they become severe, your dad needs to see a doctor.

How Do You Identify the Danger Signs?

Your dad should monitor his blood sugar levels throughout the day. He may need insulin or glucose at times to keep them balanced. If he can’t remember this or manage it, he needs a caregiver for reminders. Make him keep a history of his blood sugar levels. He can text or email them to you, or he could call you and have you jot them down for him.

Watch his signs carefully for sudden drops or increases. Find out what he’s been doing that day. If he’s been more active than normal or he’s been drinking, he might cause irregular blood sugar readings.

The Mayo Clinic recommends these blood sugar levels:

• Fasting (after not eating for several hours) – Under 100 mg/dL
• Random – 199 mg/dL or less

Low blood sugar is also dangerous. If your dad’s blood sugar levels are below 70 mg/dL, he needs to be cautious. If it’s 54 mg/dL or lower, he needs medical attention.

The symptoms of low blood sugar are agitation, anxiety, blurred vision, and confusion. Your dad may feel shaky and sweaty. If they’re too high, his breath may smell fruity. He might feel nauseated, tired, and be incredibly thirsty.

Hire Senior Care Aides to Help Him With Diabetic Care

Senior care can do a lot to help your dad manage his diabetes. Caregivers can remind him when it’s time for a light meal. They can remind him when it’s time to check his sugar levels. They’re also available to drive him to appointments and make sure he’s following his doctor’s recommendations for foot care. These are just a few of the services your dad can get when he hires senior care services. Call a senior care agency to discuss others.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering hiring Home Care in San Francisco Bay, CA, please contact the caring staff at Golden Age. Providing home care in the East Bay, South Bay & Peninsula areas through our Castro Valley and Sunnyvale Offices.


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