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5 Benefits for Seniors Who Choose Recovery at Home

Did you know that several studies reveal that elderly adults may recover faster and with fewer side effects when they can be in their own homes, versus a hospital or recovery center? Many medical professionals are recognizing that seniors thrive during recovery at home when they are set up with the appropriate support group of family caregivers, friends and hired elder care providers.

Home Care Services in Pleasanton CA: Recovery at Home
Home Care Services in Pleasanton CA: Recovery at Home

So why is a home environment so conducive to healing for some age-related conditions? After all, aging adults can have a range of health issues, from surgeries and injuries to chronic illnesses and late-onset diseases. Examples include a broken bone, osteoarthritis, kidney disease, post-stroke recovery, and even in between cancer treatments. As long as the doctor approves it, elderly adults can choose to be at home instead of a short-term or long-term recovery facility.

Here are 5 benefits for aging adults who choose to recover from their illnesses and injuries at home.

1. Familiar Surroundings

Mental health is completely combined with how people heal, especially aging adults. When they are surrounded by their own beloved possessions, they feel more at ease. Things like photos, artwork, furniture and more have an impact on their mood, which definitely relates to how comfortable they feel and how motivated they are to recovery.

2. Reduced Chance of Infection

Research supports the fact that people are more likely to pick up germs in a hospital than almost any other location. For seniors who are recovering from an illness, injury or surgery, they must stay as healthy as possible. A secondary health issuecan slow down healing for a long time, especially for illnesses like pneumonia, influenza or bacterial infection.

3. Elder Care Providers Bring Personal Service

Healing at home requires aging adults to have an in-home elder care provider. These skilled professionals will come to the home when they are scheduled to assist the aging adult with all the daily tasks required. Ranging from bathing and dressing the senior to assisting with grooming and toileting, there are plenty of things that elder care providers can do to give personalized service to their senior clients.

4. Boost Socialization

Recover from an illness or injury is a boring and often lonely time. It can also be full of discomfort and pain. Social interaction is a fine way to distract the senior from their immediate problems and when they are recovering at home, it is much easier for friends, family, clergy, and neighbors to visit. Seniors usually feel more comfortable visiting in their own home than in a hospital room or faraway recovery center.

5. Develop a Unique Routine

At a care facility or hospital, the aging adult is subject to the routines of the staff. When they recover at home, they can establish their own routine that best fits their healing plan. For example, they can wake, eat, nap and even exercise when they feel best and as approved by their doctor. The customization of their schedule give family caregivers, elder care providers and seniors themselves the control they need to truly benefit the recovering aging adult.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering hiring   Home Care Services in Pleasanton, CA, please contact the caring staff at Golden Age. Providing home care in the East Bay, South Bay & Peninsula areas through our Castro Valley and Sunnyvale Offices.

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