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Five Ways for Your Senior to Be More Socially Active

One of your elderly family member’s biggest obstacles to being more socially active might just be the fact that it’s difficult for her to get out and about anymore. While technology can be a big help, remember also that you can hire home care providers who can handle both transportation and offer companionship for her.

Homecare in Dublin CA: Be More Socially Active
Homecare in Dublin CA: Be More Socially Active

Take a Class or Learn Something New

Taking a class or signing up for shorter afternoon sessions to learn something new can be a great way for your senior to get out into the community. She can meet people who have similar interests and those friendships may last longer than the class does.

Join a Senior Group

Senior centers in the area are a great place for your elderly family member to meet other people her own age. Often these centers offer a variety of different events and classes that can appeal to a wide range of interests. This is especially helpful if your senior had friends in the area who moved away or who aren’t able to have guests any longer.

Volunteer in the Community

Giving back, even in small ways, can be a powerful way for your aging adult to feel connected to her community. Volunteering helps your senior to feel useful and as if she has a purpose still. This can be a motivating factor for her, too. If your elderly family member has been depressed or withdrawn, helping other people can break through those feelings.

Look up Friends Who Moved Away

Technology is a wonderful thing and with all the tools available today, your senior can get back in touch with friends who have moved away. She can use video conferencing, email, and social media sites to develop electronic pen pals from friends she’s lost touch with over the years. Even though they’re far away, they can help her to feel less alone, especially if she doesn’t get out much herself.

Join a Gym

If your aging adult’s doctor has recommended that she exercise, joining a gym can be a great idea. It allows her to work out around other people and take classes with other people. Often gyms, especially ones that cater to older adults, have personal trainers who can work with your senior.

Your elderly family member doesn’t have to try all of these ideas, but some of them may spark an idea or two for her. And everyone’s social needs are different, too. She may only need a little bit of interaction in order to feel that she’s got plenty of social activity in her life.

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